Black Widow offers a variety of classes for pole dancers and athletes at all levels. Our core classes are designed to teach required skills for the progressing dancer. We recommend students attend at least 1 core class per week in addition to a mix of general curriculum classes for best results. Please note the pre-requisites and specified core level before signing up for a class.

core classes and level descriptions

Pole 101

Pre-requisites: None

Your journey begins here! Pole 101 is an attentive and supportive introduction to the foundations of pole dance.  Pole 101 students learn basic two-handed spins, floor transitions, climbing, and pole sits. Classes also include full-body conditioning to help prepare students for climbing and holding their body weight. There are no pre-requisites for this class. Pole 101 is all you need to get started as a pole dancer. 

Pole 102 (coming soon!)

Pre-requisites: None

Pole 102 is an optional level where students can focus on taking their skills off the ground without inversions. Students learn how to climb as well as perform basic aerial poses and holds, one-handed spins, and aerial transitions. Conditioning in 102 develops your core and upper body for proper activation to prepare for inversions on the pole. Consider this class a more challenging version of Pole 101.

Pole 301

Pre-requisites: basic invert, layback, crucifix, inside and outside leg hangs, superman, ballerina, brass monkey, one-handed spins

Calling all inverters! Pole 301 is all about getting comfortable upside-down. Students are expected to have solid inverts on the floor prior to entering this class. Conditioning in 301 helps to develop safe aerial inversions, shoulder mounts, and upside-down bracket holds. Moves also demand increased flexibility and mobility. 

Pole 201

Pre-requisites: Basic pole sit, basic climb, basic two-handed spins, jasmine, genie

In Pole 201, students begin working on more advanced moves up the pole and on the floor. Inversions are introduced in this class, and an overarching goal through conditioning and practice in Pole 201 is to safely and consistently achieve the basic invert from the floor. Students' knowledge of pole will expand considerably, and many foundational and necessary moves are covered at this level.

Pole 401

Pre-requisites: aerial invert, basic shouldermount, butterfly, jade, caterpillar climb, leg and body switches, iguana

Pole 401 is for advanced students that are comfortable with basic aerial inverts, shoulder mounts from the floor, and starting to work on their ayeshas and other 2-point contact moves. This class is a mix of challenging combos, transitions, and tricks that utilize high levels of strength and flexibility. Expect combos in and out of ayesha, static rotations, flips, and other challenging movement.

general curriculum

Chair Flow

Core Level: None

Learn sensual and fluid movement on an average piece of furniture. Students learn a chair dance choreography that may utilize pole and floor techniques as well. Learn to use your environment and blur the separation between you and the apparatus. You'll never look at a chair the same way again! 

Erotic Movement Theory

Core Level: None

Learn the theory behind erotic movement in this deeply sensual and engaging class taught by a stripper. Students condition the muscles that supports erotic movement (particularly the core) and learn a wide range of moves on the floor. Work both mind and body to gain insight and understanding into your own movement and erotic self.

Condition for Pole

Core Level: None

Build strength and flexibility in this approachable and fun conditioning class! Students will go through a thorough warm up and work several core muscle groups important for pole. The class ends with targeted flexibility work. This class is perfect for newbies looking to get stronger and bendier as they start their pole journey!

Liquid Motion

Core Level: None

Achieve seamless and natural movement quality by applying basic dance theory, fitness, conditioning exercises, and sensual movement exploration in this floorwork class. Liquid Motion is a movement methodology that encourages dancers to find their own unique sensual movement style. Come find out what it means to "Get liquid"!

Twerk Out

Core Level: None

Learn how to control and isolate the glutes and to use your core and legs efficiently to maximize the booty bounce. This class is a full body cardio workout so be prepared to sweat! Please wear leggings that allow the glutes to jiggle as needed. No shorts as we cannot afford that level of hotness.

Vertical Barre

Core Level: None

A pole-minded barre class! Use the pole (or a chair, a table, or anything else you can find) as support to work proper foot technique, build leg and booty strength, and create polished and beautiful lines. Vertical Barre integrates foot and legwork drills with stretches for a challenging but rewarding experience!

Erotic Stage Presence and Movement

Core Level: Pole 101

Students in this class will learn a beautiful and erotic dance sequence with a focus on performance and presence. Build confidence, learn to engage your audience, and develop your unique erotic style. Highly recommended for individuals that are looking to take their moves to the stage.

Splits and Straddles

Core Level: None

Spreadies to the gods! Whether you're trying to square your split or struggling to touch your toes, this class will help you make serious flexibility gains. Flexibility, just like strength, can be developed, so spend your hour with us getting bendy.


Core Level: Pole 101

Dancing in heels is an art all its own. Heelcraft provides students with a solid foundation for dancing in heels. Develop stability and balance as you learn to move smoothly and naturally through drills and short choreographed sequences. This class is appropriate for both students brand new to heels as well as those looking to refine their heel technique.

Low Flow

Core Level: Pole 101

Learn fluid and hypnotic movement while working exclusively on the bottom half of the pole. Students learn spins and transitions strung together in a combo developed to optimize flow. Move with purpose and utilize your energy to the fullest to find your own flow state using the pole as your apparatus.

Pole Artistry

Core Level: Pole 101

This class emphasizes bringing artistry and expression to our movement. Students learn a beginner level choreography with the aim of learning to dance through basic transitions and moves. Make sure to make the movement uniquely yours and begin to express yourself through pole dance.


Core Level: Pole 101

This class begins with an essential pole move, shape, or trick and covers the anatomy behind it for proper and successful execution. From that basis, the class progresses to more difficult variations, entry and exit transitions, and potential combinations that ultimately opens options for students to exercise their own creative muscles. 

Spin Pole 101

Core Level: Pole 101

Spin pole can feel like a whole new apparatus. Whether this is your first time trying spin pole or you're just looking to create more natural and fluid movement on spin, Spin Pole 101 is certain to teach you proper spin control and technique and to improve your spin pole skills.

Exotic Choreo

Core Level: Pole 201

Learn a minute long routine (or longer!) in the style of exotic pole. Students work on sequence memorization, musicality and expression, heel technique, and last but not least, cardio. This is a fast-paced class! A choreographed piece is taught for 4-6 weeks, and students are advised to attend the class consistently and to start when a new choreo is introduced.

Rx Lab

Core Level: Pole 201

This exploratory class tackles technique, theory, and patterns of the famed Russian exotic style. Students learn a set of movements and tricks and are encouraged to create their own combinations. The class also examines what makes Russian exotic unique from old-school and stripper exotic flow  as students explore and develop their personal styles. 

Spin Shapes

Core Level: Pole 201

Create beautiful spinning shapes while suspended in the air! This class teaches various holds and tricks on spin pole with variations that can give your movement texture and depth. Learn how to transition smoothly and cleanly between moves all while developing greater control and strength on spin pole.