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COVID-19 Policy (07.28.2021)

We are adapting our operations to reflect the current reality of living during a pandemic. See our policies and FAQ regarding our response to COVID-19 below. For general questions about COVID-19, please visit the Center for Disease Control website

Black Widow Pole Arts is fully open without attendance restriction. However, class attendance is limited to 8 students with the possibility of easing that limit in the future. Please read below for more on our updated COVID-19 Policies

  • All individuals training at the studio are provided a clean spray bottle and towel for wiping their pole during the session.

  • Please clean poles between use.

  • We are leaving the decision to spot up to the instructor with student consent. Either student or instructor may refuse to participate. 

  • Please use hand sanitizer or wash your hands immediately upon entering the studio. Hand sanitizer and soap is provided.

  • If you are sick, please do not come to class! We are happy to work with individuals that are unexpectedly sick to return any late-canceled sessions and extend packages.

  • Our booking system is an important part of our contact tracing strategy. Please make sure you are signed up and in the system for any classes you attend. Similarly, please make sure to cancel any classes you cannot attend. While our staff is expected to keep track, doing your part helps our staff out immensely.

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