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CO-OWNER | Pole 101, Pole 201, Spin Pole 101, Low Flow, Heelcraft, Erotic Movement Theory, Erotic Stage Presence and Movement, Twerk Out, Exotic Choreo, Vertical Barre

 $40 Private / $60 Semi-Private

Irlanda is a performance coach who specializes in exotic movement, erotic theory, breathwork, and spin pole.

She began her dance training in ballet sixteen years ago. Since then, she has studied modern dance, flamenco, Pilates, bodybuilding, and yoga. She is an advocate of the mental healing properties that dance as an art form provides.

She enjoys teaching strip club performance theory and old school exotic styles of movement. She loves helping dancers achieve their best stage performer self, and is passionate about helping individuals heal from past, present, and historical trauma through somatics.

She has competed and placed 1st in 2018 PSO Mountain Exotic Level 3, and competed in the 2016, 2018, and 2019 USPDF Championships. She has produced two feature dancer shows for Shotgun Willies Showclub in Denver, Co. She profoundly enjoys performing and is currently up for hire for feature dancer, dancer, model, and choreographer.

She holds a Bachelor's in History and Anthropology as well as a Masters in Library Science. Her academic studies focused on hierarchical structures and the effects on culture. She utilizes this knowledge to enhance her understanding of healing from trauma.

Irlanda is an advocate of mental health management utilizing an understanding of cannabinoids, terpenes, and the endocannabinoid system. She is currently training to be a yoga instructor and looks forward to the day prohibition on marijuana ends.

If you need the sexy back in your life, call her. She will help you get your sexy on and off stage. 


CO-OWNER | Pole 101, Pole 301, Liquid Motion, Exotic Choreo, Rx Lab

 $50 Private / $85 Semi-Private

Jo started pole dancing in 2013 while living in Boston, and it was the best thing she ever did for her mental health. In 2014, she moved to Albuquerque and continued to train at local studios before finally deciding to open a pole studio of her own in 2020 with Irlanda.

While she has performed in showcases and events, Jo prefers to teach and loves being a forever student. She embraces a more grounded and exotic personal style full of slides, glides, and threads with the occasional flippy thing. 

Jo is X-pert and Liquid Motion certified, and her favorite things to teach are foundations for beginners as well as heelwork and exotic movement. She likes to describe herself as a pole "nerd" and considers pole to be that sweet spot between a workout, a dance party, and a puzzle.


INSTRUCTOR | Pole Artistry

 $35 Private / $50 Semi-Private

Dani believes that everyone should have the confidence to perform and know how to share their point of view to the world through their artistic lens. In her classes and lessons, Dani covers the fundamentals of performance, character building, and stage presence as well as pole choreography and artistry.


Dani is an active performer around Albuquerque for many years, trying out new mediums as well as pursuing a profession in Exercise Science at UNM. She invites students to her classes so that they may collectively stretch their creativity wings with lyrical, exotic, comedic, theatrical, and contemporary expressions.



 $40 Private / $50 Semi-Private

Amanda has been poling since Feburary of 2013 and has been passionate about the sport from her very first lesson! She has visited over a dozen pole studios around the country, from California to New York, and Utah to Florida. She loves learning from other pole fitness enthusiasts, either in person or online. She has been involved in the industry by owning a studio in Arizona for four years, participating in pole competitions, and attending pole conventions in Texas, Las Vegas, and Colorado.


She has been teaching all levels of students off and on for the past several years, from the very first timer to the advanced athlete. Amanda is also on USPSF Executive Committee as the Athlete Liaison and helps with coordinating national and international pole competitions. With a family of four kids and a full time working husband, her life is busy and full. Pole is both her escape as well as her constant fitness challenge! 


Amanda would love to help begin or grow your pole progression, and is flexible in working with student's schedules. 


INSTRUCTOR | Low Flow, Pole 301, Conditioning

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Liz O.

INSTRUCTOR | Pole 101, Chair Flow

 $40 Private / $50 Semi-Private

Liz has been pole dancing as a student for two years and teaching for two years here in Albuquerque. She began dancing as an outlet and to gain a better connection with her body.

As a teacher, Liz enjoys working with students on fluid movements and learning how to become more in sync with their bodies. She loves to see her students develop more and more confidence while they move and to watch them become stronger with each session! Liz is beyond excited to work with students on their pole journey and to grow together.



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Bio coming soon!

Liz A.

INSTRUCTOR | Pole 101, Pole 201

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Kylie's teaching style is all about “ALIGNMENT.” Alignment in our bodies and alignment to our soul. It’s about unraveling, unfolding, back into our original forms - the carefree and unconditional loving soul.

In Kylie's classes healing modalities such as breath work, meditation, journaling, and fascia relief are utilized to re-align physical bodies, mental bodies, emotional bodies, and spiritual bodies. Her goal is not to teach students something new, but to reteach what they already know, that they are unstoppable and powerful beings! Students who are interested in advancing their pole practice in a path that leads from the heart need not look further.

Kylie is a certified yoga instructor, neuro-linguistic practitioner, and cognitive behavior coach, as well as currently studying to be a medicine coach /shaman.