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 $50 Private / $85 Semi-Private

Jo started pole dancing in 2013 while living in Boston, and it was the best thing she ever did for her mental health. In 2014, she moved to Albuquerque and continued to train at local studios before finally deciding to open a pole studio of her own in 2020 with Irlanda.

While she has performed in showcases and events, Jo prefers to teach and loves being a forever student. She embraces a more grounded and exotic personal style full of slides, glides, and threads with the occasional flippy thing. 

Jo is X-pert and Liquid Motion certified, and her favorite things to teach are foundations for beginners as well as heelwork and exotic movement. She likes to describe herself as a pole "nerd" and considers pole to be that sweet spot between a workout, a dance party, and a puzzle.



INSTRUCTOR | Beginner 1 

 $45 Private / $60 Semi-Private

Stacia Vu is a queer, disabled artist from Albuquerque with a background in cabaret, comedy, and burlesque; with years of active performance and producing experience in the Albuquerque scene, achieving two titles to date, they have a goal to help others find their artistic expression.

They cover the fundamentals of performance, character building, and stage presence as well as pole/floor choreography and artistry. Expand your pole knowledge with a lyrical, exotic, comedic, theatrical, or contemporary lens. Long-term goals for Stacia are developing a pole dance therapy curriculum and adaptive equipment for pole and aerials. 

Qualifications include: Burlesque Professional Experience, Liquid Motion Certified, PFA Level 1 Certified, pending Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy



INSTRUCTOR | Intermediate Pole, Advanced Pole

 $40 Private / $50 Semi-Private

Amanda has been poling since Feburary of 2013 and has been passionate about the sport from her very first lesson! She has visited over a dozen pole studios around the country, from California to New York, and Utah to Florida. She loves learning from other pole fitness enthusiasts, either in person or online. She has been involved in the industry by owning a studio in Arizona for four years, participating in pole competitions, and attending pole conventions in Texas, Las Vegas, and Colorado.


She has been teaching all levels of students off and on for the past several years, from the very first timer to the advanced athlete. Amanda is also on USPSF Executive Committee as the Athlete Liaison and helps with coordinating national and international pole competitions. With a family of four kids and a full time working husband, her life is busy and full. Pole is both her escape as well as her constant fitness challenge! 


Amanda would love to help begin or grow your pole progression, and is flexible in working with student's schedules. 



INSTRUCTOR | Strength and Flexibility, Low Flow, Heart Blossom, Advanced Pole

$60 Private / $95 Semi-Private

As an instructor since 2011, Stella Melina is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Pole Fitness Alliance Master Trainer.
Starting off as a young athlete and cheerleader, Stella Melina has been dancing for over 16 years, and continues to train in varied types of sport and physical expression including: yoga, ballet, salsa, weight training, martial arts, Pilates, contact improv, and pole dance. 
A native of the southwestern U.S., Stella Melina relocated to Los Angeles and began training as a semi-professional salsa dancer. After competing in various Salsa competitions and shows for over 3 years, Stella briefly hung up the salsa heels to explore more expansive forms of expression. She ended up beginning her career in pole dancing in early 2009.
Having expanded to training and performing overseas, Stella is also a Spanish/English bilingual instructor that can choreograph a stunning performance piece for you, or challenge you in her classes through a combination of pole tricks, choreography, conditioning and technique.



INSTRUCTOR | Intro to Inverts, Intermediate Pole, Polography

$50 Private / $80 Semi-Private

Molly has been dancing for around six years and believes in the power of pole for better mental health, confidence, and sense of self. She likes to challenge her students while encouraging them to add their own flavor to movements and find what works best for their bodies. Her favorite thing about teaching is seeing students achieve new skills and movements while finding their personal style. 



INSTRUCTOR | Sacred Twerk, Twerk n Pole

$60 Private / $85 Semi-Private

breana (they) is interested in solidarity, mindfulness, ecosystems of care + pleasure as medicine trained as a classical + contemporary dancer breana ended their relationship with western concert dance in 2008 + didn’t practice dance for ten years breana’s reconnection to movement + commitment to teaching is rooted in the movement methods that have safely returned them to their body after trauma, violence + grief relearning movement without yt supremacy body shame/criticism + competition breana efforts to create capacity, space n access for all movers they care for + help each of their students walk the path back to themselves they are a student of La Bruja - Irlanda + honor their mentorship + deep care

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INSTRUCTOR | Intro to Pole, Chair Flow

Liz has been teaching pole for about 4 years and pole dancing for about 5. She loves teaching the basics and helping students express themselves with dancing. She loves the dance elements of pole and chair. Her favorite thing is getting to watch students become more confident and gain skills.

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Weightlifter and group fitness trainer who loves to move. I’ve been teaching group fitness classes since 2014 and competing in/teaching weightlifting since 2018. Keeping the body mobile and keeping your joints healthy is how we stay in motion and keep connectivity between mind and body ✨

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INSTRUCTOR | Beginner 1, Beginner Combos and Conditioning

Privates and Semi-privates $50-$100 sliding scale

Jules is a dance artist based in Albuquerque, NM, trained and training in modern/contemporary dance as well as pole dance and erotic movement. She has performed with artists including Donna Jewell, Kelsey Pascich, Takehiro Ueyama, Miguel Gutierrez, AGA Collaborative, Francesca Harper, Jacqueline Garcia, Lawine Torren, and others. Jules won second place at Pole Sport Organization’s After Dark competition in Los Angeles in 2022. Their artistic work centers around a love and respect for the messy imperfection of human bodies moving together in space, asking how dance can bring us towards shared visions of the future; in teaching, Jules centers making movement accessible for all bodies and empowering people to be able to make choices about their own movement.



INSTRUCTOR | Beginner 1, Beginner Combos and Conditioning

$40 Private / $60 Semi-Private

Sarah began dancing in 2021 after getting sober, and has found pole to be a pathway to healing. She designs her classes with the intention of finding movement that feels grounded and works to help her students build trust and feel safety in their body. With a love for spin, she enjoys finding unique shapes up the pole and on the floor. Her goal is to help students build confidence in whatever movement they want to explore. 

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INSTRUCTOR | Splits and Flexibility

Bio Coming Soon!

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INSTRUCTOR | Heels, Beginner Polography 

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